Coconut Exporters in Indonesia

Indonesia is well-known as the biggest producer and exporter of coconut, as well as for its derivative products. Indonesia has large plantation area of coconut throughout the islands. Other than Indonesia, Philippines and India are the following in the second and third place. As the business grows, there will be more exporters of coconut and its derivative products from Indonesia. The exporters are ranging from small to big enterprises. Furthermore, looking at the whole supply chain of the exporting process of coconut, there includes many parties, including individual farmers. Hence, we believe that developing export business of coconut and its products will bring more benefit to all relevant parties.

However, unfortunately there are so many fresh and unprocessed coconut that are exported from Indonesia. Thus, the Indonesian government encourage all parties to add the value of coconut before exporting it to other countries. So that the export value will increase, as well as the welfare of the parties. Consequently, it will also increase the economy of Indonesia in general with more and larger business activities. Therefore, as the exporters of various coconut-based products in Indonesia, we commit to focus more on semi and finished products. Our products ranging from oils category, sweeteners, fillings, supporting ingredients, and non-food items.

Coconut Exporters in Indonesia PT Indococo Global Makmur

Many companies import coconut and its derivative products from Indonesia due to its reliable quality and competitive price. As the industry and exports business grows, it indicates that Indonesian coconut products can compete well in the market. As one of the best suppliers of coconut products from Indonesia, PT Indococo Global Makmur commit to always provide better value of the products to our customers. If you are interested to import our coconut products which are originally from Indonesia, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form for further information and discussion.