Coconut Sugar Indonesia

Coconut sugar is an alternative sweetener that are originally from coconut palm sap. Experts says that coconut sugar provide a healthier choice of sweeter, especially compared to common sugar (cane sugar). Coconut sugar may prevent the increment of insulin and slow down the absorption of glucose. Therefore, coconut sugar is a better choice of sweetener especially for diabetic people. Manufacturers of coconut sugar in Indonesia are located in various cities, as similar to the coconut plantation. Most of the manufacturers are located in Java Islands. As the years passed by, the demand of coconut sugar is keep increasing which make the business of coconut sugar is also getting bigger over the time.

Coconut sugar in Indonesia is commonly available in two forms, which are in wet cylindrical wadding and dry powder. However, since the cylindrical wadding has short shelf life (only several months), hence the export products are mostly in dry powder form. Dry powder of coconut sugar has shelf life of around 2 years. The production of coconut sugar mostly includes many parties, including the local individual farmers. Some farmers supply the raw material either in liquid coconut sap or raw powder that still need further process, depending on their capabilities.

Coconut Sugar Indonesia PT Indococo Global Makmur

As the best supplier of coconut sugar, we ensure that our team inspects carefully all related factors to get high quality of product, including the quality control of raw materials. We provide two types of coconut sugar, which are Natural (Non-Organic) and Organic. For further information about our product, please visit our product page of Coconut Sugar. You may also contact us through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form for further information and discussion.

Nowadays, people have more concern to their health. Therefore, the demand of coconut sugar is also increasing over the years. Furthermore, coconut sugar from Indonesia is already well known in the International market. Many importers choose to only buy coconut sugar from Indonesia due to its quality. Moreover, the price is also competitive in the market. Hence, it gives more confident for the importers to execute this profitable business. Not only for retail consumers, but coconut sugar can also be used in industrial and food services. For example, coconut sugar can be the ingredients in producing cakes and dessert, as well as for food processed industry such as biscuits and others.