Coconut Water

What is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is refreshing and natural water that are originally from inside of the coconut. Coconut water has sweet taste naturally from the coconut itself. People sometimes mistakenly thought coconut water as coconut milk. However, coconut milk is originally from white coconut meat, while coconut water purely from the water inside the coconut itself.  Thus, these two are really different in its characteristics and usage. Coconut water is widely known as a refreshing beverage, especially in tropical country and in summer season.

Coconut water has several benefits to human body. It is a good source of several nutrients, such as vitamin Cmagnesiummanganesepotassiumsodium, and calcium. It may also be the perfect beverage after exercise to restore from dehydration due to its mineral contents. Although consuming water may be enough after workout, however a study showed that coconut water provide better hydration. Furthermore, it is a great alternative compare to sugary beverages to refresh your tiring day.

Coconut Water PT Indococo Global Makmur

Our Coconut Water

As the best supplier of coconut water products from Indonesia, PT Indococo Global Makmur ensure the production process is highly monitored and controlled. The production starts with the collection of coconut water from the raw coconuts. We use UHT process system to kills all bacteria that are harmful for human body. Hence, all processes are done in high quality manner and in accordance with the International standard. Our coconut water does not have any additives added to guarantee the freshness of the coconut water itself.

PT Indococo Global Makmur, as the supplier of coconut water products from Indonesia, we mostly supply this coconut water in bulk/industrial packaging. However, we also have retail packaging for this product. If you have any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form.