Our coconut sugar is made from pure and natural coconut palm sap. The raw material are originally from Indonesia, which is the largest exporting country of coconut products. We use high standard production procedure to process the product. It initially starts with the collection of coconut palm sap and then heat it up until it got thicker. Once it got drier, we crush it into powder texture. After that, we process the products further with sorting and oven drying process. We ensure that all production processes run in accordance with the standard procedure. Therefore, we are able to provide the best quality of our products to our valuable clients.

Several benefits of coconut sugar are: (1) provides high nutrition, (2) contains inulin which can help to slow absorption of glucose for people with diabetes, and (3) contains low fat. Coconut sugar can be used as sweetener for beverages, food, pastries, and desserts which is suitable for both personal and commercial use.

We also supply coconut nectar syrup and export it to many countries. Many people often use coconut nectar syrup as sweetener in beverage, cooking, and baking. The raw material of coconut nectar syrup is similar to the coconut sugar, which is from coconut sap (Neera). The nectar syrup is thick and have rich consistency. Thus, it is perfect for you to use it as sweetener for tea, coffee, dessert toppings and many others. It contains high nutrients, with Glycemic Index (GI) of 35 that is advisable for daily use of sweetener.

RBD Coconut Oil is refined oil that originally made from coconut meat (copra). The products are made from fresh and high quality coconut that are originally from Indonesia. Our team always inspect the raw material before running the production. In the production process of RBD Coconut Oil, we monitor closely the procedure to maintain the quality. We ensure that all processes run within the good standard and in hygienist manner. Mostly, people use RBD Coconut Oil as frying oil.

Coconut oil has several benefits compare to others type of oil, such as; (1) it contains lauric acids that will produce energy to help people to lose weight; (2) has high smoke point which prevent the foods to be over burnt shortly.

We focus more on bulk/industrial packaging. But, we are also more than happy to serve you with retail packaging as your need. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion.

Our Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is made from high quality and fresh coconut copra. The production process starts with selecting the good quality of raw material (copra). Then, it goes to extraction process to get the coconut oil. After that, we heat up the coconut oil to refine and eliminate the contaminants in the oil. Crude Coconut Oil is mostly used for external purposes, such as for lubrication and moisturizing. It also commonly used as raw material in oleochemicals industry, personal care industry such as soap and shampoo, and cosmetics products.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is made from best quality of coconut copra. The process begin with the extraction of copra oil without any heat treatment. The demand of Virgin Coconut Oil is keep increasing recently due to its versality and benefits.

Although Virgin Coconut Oil can be used as frying oil, but many people use it as the ingredients to produce products; such as health care, beauty and cosmetics products. Some benefits of using Virgin Coconut Oil are; (1) Reduce the risk of heart disease as it can increase the level of good cholesterol; (2) make skin and hair become healthier; and (3) has anti microbes effect which is useful to kill germs.

Our desiccated coconut products is made from fresh and high-quality of copra meat which freshly harvested by the farmers in Indonesia. The production starts with sterilizing the copra meat. After that, it goes to shredding machine to get the texture and size of desiccated coconut. Lastly, we dry the product to reduce the water content. Before we pack the product, we do quality control to ensure the quality. People often use our desiccated coconut as the ingredients of making food products, such as cake, pastries, frozen food, candy, and many other food and beverages.

Some advantages of consuming desiccated coconut are: (1) it contains fiber, selenium, and manganese, which are good for our body; (2) contains 80% of healthy saturated fat; and (3) support brain function with its copper contents.

Coconut cream is the extraction of fresh coconut meat which mostly contain fat and protein. Coconut cream has rich flavor, thus it mostly used as cooking ingredients especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, etc. Coconut cream provide distinctive fragrant smell and thickening the dish. Consuming coconut cream may bring several benefits to our body. It is the great source of protein, antioxidants, magnesium, folate, choline, phosphorus, and potassium. Having enough potassium consumption can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, salt sensitivity, fatigue and muscle cramps. Coconut cream may also reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the good one.

As the best supplier of Coconut Cream product, we ensure that our team run the production in accordance with our high standard procedure. Quality of our products and its hygiene are our top priority to satisfy our customers. 

Coconut water is refreshing and natural water that are originally from inside of the coconut. Coconut water has sweet taste naturally from the coconut itself. People sometimes mistakenly thought coconut water as coconut milk. However, coconut milk is processed from white coconut meat, while coconut water purely from the water inside the coconut itself.  Thus, these two are really different in its characteristics and usage. Coconut water is widely known as a refreshing beverage, especially in tropical country and in summer season.

Coconut water has several benefits to human body. It is a good source of several nutrients, such as vitamin Cmagnesiummanganesepotassiumsodium, and calcium. It may also be the perfect beverage after exercise to restore from dehydration due to its mineral contents. Although water may be enough after the exercise, however a study showed that coconut water restored better. Furthermore, it is a great alternative compare to sugary beverages to refresh your tiring day.

White Copra is dried meat of coconut that are cut in half. There are two grades of white copra, which are regular and edible grades. Regular white copra mostly also be used for coconut oil production, however it will result in different specification and characteristics. Compared to the coconut oil from black or yellowing copra, it will have lower FFA points. While edible grade is the best grade of copra. It has white color and minimum diameter of around 8 centimeters. Edible grade, just like its name, it can be consumed directly. In addition, edible white copra can also be used as ingredients in food industry.

Our team regularly check the quality of the products in several steps, including in the raw material selection and final checking before we pack the products. Hence, we ensure that our finished goods has meet our high standard procedure.

Our coconut charcoal briquette is made from high quality coconut shell. The process starts with the burning process of coconut shell. After that, we crush and mold the coconut shell charcoal into briquette shape. In this process, we add tapioca starch as the binder. We ensure the quality of product with several prevention and inspection activities through out the production process.

Our coconut charcoal briquette is safe for food industries, and mainly are for hookah / sisha and barbecue.  Several advantages of having coconut charcoal compare to others type of charcoal are; (1) it provides long-lasting burning time with small amount of ash as the residue; (2) produce less smokes; (3) does not easily make your food over burnt when you use it for cooking.

We provides varieties grades of coconut charcoal briquettes, as accordance with your preferences. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our products and its price. If you did not find the specification of our products as your need, do not hesitate to discuss with us, as we are open with customizing the product whenever it is feasible.

Coconut shell charcoal is simply charcoal product that are made from coconut shell. The waste of coconut shell is often be thrown away. However, actually it can be processed further to be useful products, such as charcoal. Like other types of charcoal, coconut shell charcoal can be used energy. Coconut shell charcoal is also often to be processed further to be briquette (Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette) or activated carbon products. Coconut charcoal briquette is often to be used for sisha/hookah or barbecue purposes. While the activated carbon can be used for water purification, deodorization and purification of air, and as catalyst.

The demand of coconut shell charcoal is increasing over the years due to its tremendous benefits, various application and affordable price. It has been one of the best alternatives of charcoal products.

Coconut fiber is the processed coconut coir which used to be thrown away by the farmers as they considered it as wastes. But actually, coconut fiber has many benefits and can be used in various industries. Coconut fiber is the raw material of many products, such as ropes, mats, brushes, brooms, mattresses, car seats, and many others. Hence, the demand of coconut fiber is increasing over the years due to its benefits, quality, and affordable price. As the leading supplier of coconut fiber in Indonesia, we supply only high quality products to our customers.

Aside from those benefits in various industries, coconut fiber is also useful in irrigation system. It has good quality in holding water to be the barrier. In addition, people also often use coconut fiber as planting media, especially in hydroponic industry. Thus, the market of coconut fiber is not only to factories, but also to home/retail consumers, depending on their needs.

Cocopeat block (coco pith) is the powder from coconut coir that have been pressed and shaped into cubes or blocks bar. People often use cocopeat block as the planting media as an alternative to soil. Cocopeat has similar texture to soil, but it has 10 times better in capability to store and retain water. Hence, cocopeat is considered as a better choice than soil as planting media, especially in hydroponic industry. As the water can be retained better, the plant and its root will not be easily dried out. Furthermore, cocopeat can be degraded well in soil which make it eco-friendly. Cocopeat is also a great oxygenation properties, which is important to the health and development of the roots of the plant. It has slightly acidic pH level, which is great for alkaline garden soils.

Semi Husked Coconut is raw coconut which the fibers have been peeled off. Coconut has various contents that are beneficial to human body, such as fat, protein, minerals and B vitamins. Coconut is high in manganese content that is essential for the health of human bone. It also increase metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and cholesterol. In addition, coconut is also rich in copper and iron which help to form red blood cells.

Due to its tremendous benefits, people are looking for coconut and its processed product. Semi Husked Coconut is the raw material of various products. The products are desiccated coconut, coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut water, coconut shell charcoal, and many others. These coconut products are applicable in various industries and applicable to support retail, foods’ factories, or food service channels. As the demand of its derivate products increase over the time, the demand of semi husked coconut also increase continuously.