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RBD Coconut Oil

What is RBD Coconut Oil?

RBD Coconut Oil is refined oil that originally made from coconut meat (copra). People mostly use RBD Coconut Oil as frying oil or ingredients of other products. RBD Coconut Oil has more transparent color compare to other oils such as palm oil. Moreover, it has no strong scent which is suitable for the production of health care, cosmetics, and processed food. Furthermore, RBD coconut oil has triglyceride acids that are stable. The triglyceride acids will not trigger for cholesterol, but instead will produce energy. The lauric acid content is also beneficial to help people to lose their weight. In addition, RBD Coconut Oil has high smoke point which will prevent foods to be over burnt shortly. Therefore, RBD Coconut Oil often be one of the best choices for industry to support their production due to its benefits.

RBD Coconut Oil - PT. Indococo Global Makmur

Our RBD Coconut Oil

The production of RBD Coconut Oil starts with the selection of fresh and high-quality coconut meat (copra). Then, we refine and heat up the coconut meal several times, in order to sterilize the copra. Then, it goes to bleaching process, where we absorb all remaining residue in the oils. After that, we filter the oils to remove all other remaining particle. The final process is deodorization which is useful to get rid of rancid smell of the oil. As the best supplier of RBD Coconut Oil in Indonesia, we always carefully maintain the quality of our product. Therefore, we always inspect the finished goods to ensure our products’ quality. Lastly, we packed the RBD Coconut Oil in accordance with its packaging requirement.

We, PT. Indococo Global Makmur, are the leading supplier and exporter of RBD Coconut Oil in Indonesia. We have exported our RBD Coconut Oil throughout the world. We highly value our relationship with all of our partners. In addition, we are also open to customize the specification and packaging of the product whenever it is possible. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for further information and discussion through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form.