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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

What is Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a pure natural oil that is originally from coconut meat (copra). The production of Virgin Coconut Oil is different with RBD Coconut Oil. In the process of making Virgin Coconut Oil, there is no any heat treatment involved. Virgin Coconut Oil contain fatty acids which are good for human body. It also has iron mineral and vitamin K that can prevent blood clotting. Vitamin E in Virgin Coconut Oil can be antioxidant to prevent cell damage from free radicals. Virgin Coconut Oil also contains lauric acids which are useful to increase body immune and destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Its lauric acids contents also help to control health of our heart. It is not only increasing the good cholesterol (HDL), but also decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL). Furthermore, Virgin Coconut Oil can also help to burn fat and decrease our appetite. Our body will transform it to energy instead of fat. Thus, it is suitable to help your diet to lower body weight. Virgin Coconut Oil may also help to control the glucose level as it increases the secretion of insulin in our body. Other health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil are; increase our brain function; reduce the risk of cancer, balancing hormones; increase our energy; and smoothen the digestion system.

Virgin Coconut Oil Indonesia VCO Indonesia PT. Indococo Global Makmur

Virgin Coconut Oil has excellent moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Thus, it can help to control skin problems, microbial infections, boost immunity, neutralize toxins, and minimize the free radical formation. Some benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil in personal care and beauty products are; (1) improve skin health; (2) nourish and strengthen hair; (3) protects against dental caries; and (4) cure fungal function. Therefore, many manufacturers of health care and cosmetics products also use Virgin Coconut Oil as their ingredients.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

As the best supplier of Virgin Coconut Oil from Indonesia, we always commit to deliver high quality products to our customers. Our team always do quality control in accordance with our well-standardized procedure. We inspect the quality of raw material, the in-process of production, and the finished goods. All of those quality checking processes are done to ensure our products’ quality.

We, PT. Indococo Global Makmur (Pvt. Ltd.), is the best supplier of Virgin Coconut Oil in Indonesia. Thus, along with high quality of our products, we also strongly uphold the relationship with all of our partners. We always aim for win-win solution for both parties. In addition, if you require to have different type of packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion. Should you have any inquiry about our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), feel free to contact through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form.


Specification Virgin Coconut Oil
Free Fatty Acid
Moisture Content
Caproic Acid
Caprylic Acid
Capric Acid
Lauric Acid
Production Method
Purification (Without Heating Process)
Jerrycan 19kgs