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White Copra

What is White Copra?

White Copra is dried meat of coconut that are cut in half. There are three basic grades of copra. The lowest grade of copra has a bit black or yellowing color, and commonly used for the production of RBD Coconut Oil. While the other two grades can be categorized of White Copra, which are regular and edible grades. Regular white copra mostly also be used for coconut oil production, however it will result in different specification and characteristics. Compared to the coconut oil from black or yellowing copra, it will have lower FFA points. While edible grade is the best grade of copra. It has white color and minimum diameter of around 8 centimeters. Edible grade, just like its name, it can be consumed directly. In addition, edible white copra can also be used as ingredients in food industry.

White Copra Supplier Indonesia PT Indococo Global Makmur

Our White Copra

We, PT Indococo Global Makmur, as one of the leading supplier of white copra in Indonesia, our team commit to only deliver high quality products to our customers. The production of white copra starts with cutting the raw coconut into half. Then, our team clean the inside part of the coconut. After that, the copra is placed in a burning or smoking house. The burning or smoking process use sulfur as the burner or smoker, and the whole process may take several days. During the process, we need to ensure that the burning house is tightly closed. Our team will also give additional sulfur in the scheduled time. Then, our team gouged out the copra meat from its shell. After that, we dry the copra either with sun drying or oven. Drying process with oven may result in shorter processing time and do not necessarily depends on the weather. Lastly, our team will sort the quality of copra in accordance with its grades, and pack it to our bulk packaging.

As the best supplier of White Copra from Indonesia, PT Indococo Global Makmur (Pvt. Ltd.) commit to ensure our finished goods has meet our high standard procedure. Our team regularly check the quality of the products in several steps, including in the raw material selection and final checking before we pack the products. For export purposes, we mostly supply for White Copra, both regular and edible products. If you have any specific requirement about it, please feel free to contact us. For further information discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsappEmail or Contact Form.